Let's Talk About Inconsistent Sizing in Clothes and Body Positivity

Let's Talk About Inconsistent Sizing in Clothes and Body Positivity

(Originally written for Her Campus UTSA)

Let’s talk about clothing sizes. *Cue an internal groan*

It’s common knowledge that clothing sizes between different brands lack consistency. Photos comparing different sized clothing items have gone viral online, most commonly found within brands like American Eagle and Hollister.

The most popular comparison of sizes is the American Eagle size 4 vs size 10 comparison made by Missy Rogers on Facebook in 2016.

I had never had an experience to compare two different sized clothing items until last week. I was folding clothes, and out of curiosity decided to compare my medium sized shirt with an extra-large shirt I had.


I already have trust issues regarding brand sizing, but this was CRAZY!

For the first time however, the size difference didn’t bother me, it amused me. I think this is due to the fact that I have found two amazing size 12 YouTubers to watch who are determined to prove that sizes don’t matter!

These two YouTubers are Carrie Dayton and Sierra Schultzzie. They are positive, confident, uplifting, and most definitely the type of people younger girls need to be watching on YouTube.

Sierra mainly focuses on body positivity videos, and reviewing popular brands to see how accurate and/or inclusive they are for girls that fall in the mid-sized range. Some examples of brands she has reviewed are James Charles’ Sisters ApparelGym Shark, and Fashion Nova.

Carrie also focuses on body positivity and reviewing different brands, but she films trying on different sizes of clothing in the dressing room of stores. Some places she has gone to try on clothing are: American EagleUrban Outfitters, and Target.

The older I get, the more I realize that the number on the tag of my clothing literally means NOTHING. Don’t get too wrapped up in classifying yourself as a “size” or “number.” As long as you are happy and healthy -- you are fine!

P.S -- Carrie and Sierra also did a collab last month! 


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